So this is my cosplay for the 2013 Baltimore Comics Convention. The second picture features Jayjustice, check her stuff out on Facebook she’s a totally awesome person and a great cosplayer. I got a few rude comments, but s lot of people actually appreciated what I put together. I decided to do that costume because I am tired of hiding because of my skin condition and size. I’m not a bad looking woman, and my costume was simple and cute. I bought a corset that zipped in the front and made the head piece and chest plate from reinforced craft foam. I did it over two weeks (It took a week to seal and coat). I didn’t have time to rework the gauntlets, so instead I used super glue, makeup and red sharpy to creae the blood and scabs you see on my wrists where the gauntlets would be. A lot of people said it looked really cool, but the problem is it flaked off so every hour I had to red do it and the sharpy would run etc. What I loved about this costume was the head piece. I really like the gladiator style head piece and then I wanted to use my natural hair so I tied my fro back with a satin blue scarf. The blue is shiny like in the corset so it blended nicely. I wanted to take a more “ancient” take so I used a pair of gold earrings with an elaborate flower detail that looked old. I alternated throughout the day wearing a brown sandals and black boots. I wore the costume Halloween with a red leather jacket, and it looked 100% better.

If you love dressing up for cons or otherwise. Just do it. ┬áDo what makes you happy. Does that mean look a hot mess? Nah, take into account your body and adjust the costume accordingly. I took note from the pre-52 issue 300 wonder woman along with other versions (hence the large chest piece) because it works with my body. Now I’m not telling you to just sit by and take crap. I did that this year from these young nigglettes (I can’t conceive of them as anything else) who I was literally walking past and who laughed at me. I just knew if I stopped there I would have stomped their asses out. But the point is do you…fuck everyone else.

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